Thanks for visiting our website. Articus Creative is all about creating unique designs based on the individual needs of the clients and having satisfied clients is our top priority. We combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed material. Graphic design and web design are just a part of what we do. Once you add in all the other things we can do it's just easier to say we make creative designs.  Don't believe me....Check out our work for yourself!!

Graphic Design - Caricatures - Murals - Web Design - Printed Materials - Canvas - Decals and more...



NEW in 2021. MURALS.

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For years, artist Desmond Brittle with Articus Creative Designs has been creating custom illustrations for his children.  He takes a portrait of them and TURNS UP THE VOLUME, taking their interest and turning it into a unique one of a kind gift or keepsake.  With a number of request over the years, we decided to make it available for others.

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Thanks for stopping by the store. Take a look around at some of our original products. If you need something custom made we can make. Just give us a call. 

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Custom caricature art drawn by Desmond Brittle

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Articus Creative Designs is about creating artwork that is unique and works for you. We are a full-service graphic design, web design and printing company located in Somerset, KY. We offer services in custom apparel, company branding, graphic design, signs and banners, promotional products, vinyl and printed decals, etc....etc. If you want to know more about us and what we can offer you, feel free to contact us or send us a message. 

Desmond A.Brittle

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, app and website designer who has a high passion in design technologies, art, and illustration.  As a child, I was that kid that was always drawing and doodling every chance I got. My love for all things art later led me to Eastern Kentucky University in 2001, where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, I worked with several exceptional companies in Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois, California, and even Germany before starting my own graphic design business.


So now that you know a little bit about me, check out the homepage to see what we can provide for you. Feel free to check out my work  and don’t hesitate to contact me, if you think I can be of service to you. Thanks for stopping by!!


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We want to help you grow your business and draw more clients to your web and social media sites. With our process we have cut out all the  unnecessary work that our competitors use. Our creative process is designed to finish your project faster so you can focus on what is important!

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